There’s clean, and there’s COVID-Clean.

Find out how we’re going above and beyond, to keep you, your family & your colleagues safe…

Business not as usual.

Cleaning your property, keeping you safe

Since the beginning of this awful pandemic we’ve been following the science, and as businesses across the country closed down, we became an Essential Service.

We’re proud to be doing our part to help everyone through these troubled times, however it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

So we developed a new approach to cleaning, and below you’ll see how we’re going above and beyond to keep you, your family and your colleagues safe during COVID-19.


Awareness and Training

Protocol 1Vigilance
We’re constantly monitoring the Australian Government Department of Health’s advice on how to protect you, your family and co-workers from the virus.

Protocol 2Infection Control Training
All of our cleaners have completed the Department of Health’s COVID-19 Infection Control Training, and additional precautions are in operation.

Protocol 3Cleaning & Disinfection Principles
We’re also completing additional training, as per the ‘Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles for COVID-19’ guide, from the Department of Health. And we’ve become certified and accredited by a host of other international standards bodies as given in our Covid Sanitation Service page.



Additional Safety Practices

Protocol 4Contactless Cleaning Residential
In line with NSW Government protocol, your property must be cleaned with zero contact. This means your property should be vacated for the duration of the clean, or as soon as we arrive, you restrict your movements to one room until we’ve finished cleaning and sanitizing. Then we’ll let you know, wait outside your front door as you move to another room, then return to finish the job.

Protocol 5Contactless Cleaning Commercial
We’re developing a tailored approach for all of our Commercial clients, where the practicalities are a little more restrictive. However, we do ask all commercial properties to open as many doors and windows as possible before we arrive. This helps circulate the air, and is part of the Department of Health Guidelines. Regardless, our cleaners will open doors and windows for the duration of their work.

Protocol 6Soap, Water & Gloves
We’ll wash our hands for 20 seconds as soon as we arrive, and as soon as we leave your property. And we’ll complete our duties wearing disposable gloves, as always.

Protocol 7Extra care over high-contact touch points
We’re taking extra care sanitising commonly touched areas such as door handles, light switches, handrails, cabinet handles & tabletops.

Protocol 8Hospital grade cleaning products
Before the pandemic we only used environmentally friendly, natural cleaning products. For now, however, with our Sanitisation Service we use hospital grade disinfectant – Viraclean – that has been certified to inactivate the virus.

Protocol 9Self-Isolation & Daily Check-In
We’re all self-isolating out of work, and none of our cleaners have travelled since the pandemic began. We all check-in on a daily basis, and if anyone shows any symptoms they’ll have to stay at home for two weeks.

Protocol 10One Person, One Property
Finally, we’ve altered our team schedule so that only One Person attends your property, and wherever possible ensure it’s the same person every time. Please understand, however that this may not always be possible during this time, so your patience in this regard is very much appreciated.

And that’s it.

We’ll keep you up to date with any changes, but the protocols above have been keeping everyone safe so far, and we expect it to continue.

If you have any further questions, please just ask, and if you need a hand keeping your home COVID-Clean, contact us now.

Hygiene, Cleaning & Sanitizing

We all know washing our hands can stop the spread of the virus, but did you know it can survive on stainless steel, and plastic, for up to 72 hours..?

That’s why the highest level of hygiene is encouraged by health authorities. With cleaning and sanitizing surfaces recommended every day, if not more frequently.

“Cleaning is an essential part of disinfection. Removal of germs, such as the virus
that causes COVID-19,requires thorough cleaning followed by disinfection.”
     Australian Government Department of Health.

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