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Priscilla Sousa


You haven’t been exposed to the highest standards of cleanliness if you haven’t lived with a mother like Priscilla’s. For Carmen Sousa, the mother of SOAP owner Priscilla Sousa, scrubbing, dusting and polishing from the top of the house to the bottom was just the beginning.

Carmen did not consider her cleaning finished until she had stood in the garden, hosing the roof of the house until it shined.

The standard that Priscilla sets for SOAP was cast on those days she watched the Brazilian sun making a rainbow in the spray from her mother’s hose.

Some occupations are a job, and some are a vocation. For Priscilla, cleaning is a vocation, because she is hooked on the sensation that comes from transforming a house into the haven it’s meant to be.

So, while roof-cleaning isn’t part of what we do (we can recommend an excellent roof cleaner, though), our philosophy allows for no compromises in cleaning the inside of your home.

You can count on us to deliver the same quality of cleaning you’d expect in a 5-star hotel, because we approach our cleaning staff the way the best hotels approach their housekeeping staff:

We employ our staff directly — we’re not an agency or an online platform that connects clients with freelance cleaners.

We only employ staff who love to clean — we really do enjoy our work.

We pay fairly and give our employees everything they’re entitled to in return for doing a hard, manual job that brings great happiness to our clients.

We train and supervise our staff, because we set the bar high and we want to help everyone we employ to clear it.

We guarantee our work—if you find we’ve missed something, you have only to let us know and we’ll come back to fix it.

5-Star Hotel Standard Cleaning

SOAP is a Sydney-based home and office cleaning company that employs 22 cleaners who work within a 35 km radius of the city centre. Most of our work comes from referrals, which you might have seen in Sydney’s most popular Facebook groups.

We specialise in giving the kind of clean that many of our clients had stopped believing was possible to find— 5-star, hotel-standard cleaning with nothing missed.

The SOAP guarantee

We stand by our high standards. If we miss anything and you let us know within 24 hours, we’ll come straight back to fix it.

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We proudly serve the following areas:

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