End Of Lease Cleaning Services In Sydney

End-of-lease cleaning

Moving house takes a considerable effort. You’ve already had to find somewhere else to go. You’ve separated treasure from junk. You’ve photographed, listed and sold what you can. Now you have to pack up what you’re taking and throw away the rest. It’s exhausting…

But when the move is over, that’s not where the stress ends — to get your bond back, the home you moved out of has to be spotless.

After a move, you’ve probably only got the time and energy left to do a quick vacuum, dust and to run a cloth around the bathrooms. However, that’s not going to be a thorough enough clean to get your bond back.

The landlord’s agent wants that place gleaming, or they’re going to start making deductions from your bond.

We guarantee that our end-of-lease clean will have your home clean enough to get your bond back. Our trained cleaners know what it takes for a home to sparkle again at the end of a lease.

Their fresh eyes on the property will pick up things that you won’t, but a property manager will — the dusty doorframes or a mark on the shelf at the back of the kitchen cupboards.

We know the standard of cleaning that landlords and property managers need to be happy to hand back a bond.

The SOAP guarantee

We stand by our high standards. If we miss anything and you let us know within 24 hours, we’ll come straight back to fix it.

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