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We'll clean your house until every surface sparks joy

SOAP clients’ most common reaction? “It’s like coming home to a 5-star hotel!”

It’s always a relief to slip the bag off your shoulder and dump your keys in the bowl by the front door, but something feels different this evening… The atmosphere in the house has lifted.

Surely the dining table wasn’t catching the light that way when you left this morning… And the floor definitely wasn’t shining like it had just been laid… And speaking of the floor, where’s the stuff that was all over it this morning?

Does a 5-star clean sound too good to be true?

Does coming home to a house that feels like a 5-star hotel sound too good to be true? Not to SOAP’s clients.

Just ask our client Ranya Akacha — last time we cleaned her house, Ranya took her children to a cafe after school. “I just wanted to enjoy another couple of hours with the house looking perfect,” Ranya says. “I know it can’t last but I just feel better when it’s properly clean and tidy.”

Reactions like Ranya’s are why you may have seen us recommended in every major Facebook group across Sydney; our clients want their friends to enjoy the same stress-free experience that they do.

Client Testimonials

Treat yourself to the most precious gift of all — time

You know the satisfaction of forcing order from the chaos, but you don’t always have time to give yourself that pure relief.

At SOAP, we bathe in that peaceful feeling of order every day. Our cleaners love the fulfilment they get from creating tranquil spaces for busy people.

Our cleaners know you’re under all kinds of pressure. Your hours at work are creeping up, and it feels like there are twice as many cars on the road as there used to be—but no one is putting any extra days into the week!

You could leave it all till the weekend, but the weekend’s no different. There’s still work to do. And maybe the kids have picked up another practice—or even a whole new sport. They have a party to go to; they need new clothes…

Meanwhile, the chores are mounting on all sides, as if pushed by unstoppable forces.

With all the hard work you’re already doing, don’t you deserve to invest a little to get some precious time back? The Harvard Business Review thinks so (see below).

Serious investment advice from Harvard Business School:

"Get an excellent cleaner"

Professor Ashley Whillans of the Harvard Business School researches what makes people happy and wrote a cover story about her research for the Harvard Business Review titled Time For Happiness.

Professor Whillans writes that people are significantly happier after they invest money in saving time they would otherwise have wasted on “negative experiences”.

Cleaning and laundry are two of the negative experiences she singles out as opportunities for happiness—by handing them over to someone who enjoys doing them.

The SOAP difference

You’ve had cleaners before. They start strong but then things slide. Within a couple of months—or even weeks—they’re not doing the same job they were. You don’t want to confront them, so you tell them you’re going on holiday, taking a break from your job, or moving house. Then you get another cleaner… And the same thing happens.

Why would it be any different with SOAP?

SOAP’s cleaners are employees. They have job security. They’re paid fairly and with superannuation. They’re trained, supervised and insured.

And each one of our cleaners has been chosen because they love the work that we do. That love of delivering order and tranquillity energises them. It keeps them going…

…Under the sofa, into the microwave and along the ceiling fan blades…

…It keeps them going until things are clean, because they love how a house feels when they’re finished.

How house cleaning with SOAP works

A friendly in-person quote

To us, you’re a client, not just another four-bedroom house, so we can’t quote you based on looking at your home on Google Maps. Because our promise is to give you the clean you’ve always wanted, we need to see the house and listen to your likes and dislikes so that we can personalise our service.

Anything-but-standard services

Our list of included services is anything but standard, from cleaning the range hood to scrubbing the inside of the bins in every 5-star clean.

However, you might like a little extra help. We can do the laundry, fold the clothes, wash the windows, do your ironing… Just let us know what would make your life easier.

Setting the bar high

Nothing feels fresher than a house that’s been spring cleaned, which is why all our engagements start with a thorough clean. Not only will your house feel amazing, we’ll have set the high standards that we’ll be maintaining.

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Tired of cleaners who rush through your house and miss things?

Ready to come home to a hotel-like clean?

Let us come and talk to you about your past experiences and what you want to be different this time. This is a no-obligation chance for you to see that things can be different with the right cleaner. We’ll give you a free quote on our standard clean—and anything else we can do to make your life easier.

The SOAP guarantee

We stand by our high standards. If we miss anything and you let us know within 24 hours, we’ll come straight back to fix it.

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